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Whee! #Life

Many sources of joy:

  • We're done moving out of the apartment! I got the last load of stuff out on Sunday (most of it is still in my car — we've run out of places in the house to unload it into, plus I'm tired of unpacking cars by now), and Jennie got the cleaning done this afternoon. We are done. Keys turned in and everything. Major milestone. Much rejoicing.

    Kinda makes the whole "we have a house" thing seem a little more solid. Not only do we have a house, and not only do we live here, and not only do our cats live here — our stuff lives here now, too. All 3.5 million metric tons of it.

    Many, many thanks go out to everyone who helped us move — Alison and company, Laura, Kent and company, Lina, Solomon, Jeff, and Anita (did I forget anyone?) Thanks to Sam for the help running the cable / network through the walls (update: no, I don't have the faceplates screwed in yet). And to Sidney, thanks a million for all the boxes!

    We've still got the storage garage to clean out, but that's much less rent than the apartment, so we'll live if we don't get that done this month. But I still need to see if I can shanghai another van, lest we let the issue stagnate (as we are wont to do).

    Wow. Fancy words. Go me.
  • I got a GMail account! Thanks, Erica! hugs

    And, uh, I'm supposed to pay homage to the Big Giant Head.


    Alas, GMail requires usernames to be at least six characters, so I couldn't do my usual "ip255@" address. Nor could I do "joe@" (man, I was really looking forward to that — denial springs eternal, I guess). "joewhite", "joe.white", and "jawhite" were taken as well. Man.

    But my next choice (no, I'm not posting it online for the spambots to harvest — what are you, crazy? I've got a perfectly good contact form which, by the way, now forwards to my GMail) was wide open. And now I've got a GMail account. Hehehe. (Mwa ha ha ha.)

    My only gripe so far: Where's the Google Messenger to tell me when I have new mail?
  • Going to C.R. this weekend. Hanging out with my brother and friends, and my parents. Visiting the old haunts (Emil's and Donutland for sure — sadly, I hear that Taco Kid is no more, even in its second incarnation in a Chinese place). And doing some roleplaying. Man, I haven't roleplayed in I don't know how long. (Alison needs to hurry up and graduate, so we can set up our church roleplaying league.)
  • My bumper sticker just shipped! Though alas, the 3-to-10-day shipping probably won't get it here before I head back to C.R. Sigh. It's okay, I'm still looking forward to having RotM on my car.

    A few other people have already shown an interest in the bumper sticker. I'll be curious to see how viral a meme this turns out to be.