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What's more fun than a root canal? #Life

Well... a root canal. It really wasn't at all bad. Crowns are actually worse than this was.

Of course, there were two things working in my favor. One was that it was a front tooth, so it only had one root instead of three or four. And the other was that (this surprised him too) he didn't have to drill at all. Just a bunch of filing.

Interestingly, they had me take off my glasses and put on a pair of wraparound sunglasses. This because they were going to be moving a lot of tools around over my face, and the shades would give me a little better eye protection. I asked if he was planning to do any welding in there, and he laughed.

It's interesting — they hollow out the inside of the tooth, and then fill it with some sort of rubber to seal it. They showed me the "after" X-ray. I expected the rubber to be invisible to the X-rays, but it turns out that the rubber is actually denser than bone! Solid white line on the X-ray, surrounded by grays where the actual tooth is.

I did have a bit of a shock when I went in and found that they don't accept Delta Dental. They'll file the claim for me, but I had to pay their office 100% today, and later I'll get a refund check from Delta. Boy, that would've been nice to know in advance, wouldn't it? I had been planning to use the flex card to pay for it, but that certainly won't work if I don't know how much is out of my pocket. Hopefully I get that insurance check before my next root-canal appointment in a month. Sigh.

Okay. Time for a nap. 7:00am is just way too early to be up and moving. (Though the sunglasses helped.)