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Sex-linked #Life

When you see a sex link in my blog, it's usually comment spam. Not this time. Just a couple of things I've run across that I can't not pass along.

Link #1 is from Ali Davis. A while ago, I blogged about her article in, "Outsourcing Rejection", a.k.a. "Too late, Mr. Jenkins. You were an F7 back at question 2." More recently, I was re-reading that article, and noticed the author's bio at the end, which included a link to another of her works: "True Porn Clerk Stories". Wow. She's got a way with words, and this thing is just too good not to read. But don't blame me if your laundry and dishes don't get done for the next couple of days, while you read the whole thing. (Don't forget to eat now and then, too.)

Link #2 is from Tsarina, whose blog I stumbled onto a while ago, I'm not even sure how anymore. I follow her blog because she's a teacher in an inner-city school, and one who really cares about her students. That is not relevant to this particular link, though, so put it out of your mind before you read "Tsarina Goes to a Smut Party". (Those of you who have read my OWL posts won't be too surprised to hear that I'll probably be passing this link on to some friends from church.)