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What in Bog's name you talking about? #Life

Brad asked about the Bog reference. It comes from "Moon is a Harsh Mistress", an excellent book by Robert Heinlein (probably the best Heinlein book I've read so far). In the book, most of the characters, when they make any reference to a deity, refer to it as "Bog". Amazon was kind enough to provide a few Bog-related quotes from the book:

"I wouldn't want Shorty, Bog rest his generous soul, to haunt me."

"Mike, for Bog's sake! Blown all circuits?"

"What in Bog's name you talking about?"

"Oh, Bog!"

Hence my "Bog be praised!" in my previous post.

I like using "Bog" partly because it doesn't immediately suggest any particular religion, and partly because of the funny looks I get when I use it. (grin)