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Ah... teeth. #Life

I had a dentist appointment this morning that I've been looking forward to for quite some time. I've been in various stages of dental repair (on my front teeth), and various stages of being-able-to-eat, for something on the order of a year now. For the past three weeks I haven't been able to bite into anything at all, because even a piece of bread would be enough to knock the temporary crowns loose (and they managed to get pretty loose anyway). There's just something wrong about having to cut my cheeseburgers into bite-sized pieces.

But now my bridge is securely in place. And I have slightly worse buck teeth than I started with. But that's okay. Now... I can bite again. I can eat again. Bog be praised!

I just finished a McDonald's sausage biscuit to celebrate. (Hey, you gotta start somewhere. It was on the way to work.)

Y'know... I've really missed being able to eat normally. I'm feeling pretty good right now.

And after all, as the vampires say, "Everything that bites is not necessarily bad."