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The BorCon2004 Wiki #Delphi

There's some really good info about BorCon and about Diamondback popping up on people's blogs, but it's scattered. There are eight or ten of us blogging here at BorCon, often all about the same topic or even the same session. So some information is duplicated, and what isn't duplicated is scattered across several different blogs.

And even within a single blog, info is scattered. I've got something like six different posts about Diamondback alone. Some of them have clarifications or corrections to earlier posts. The folks who are following along live won't be having a problem just yet, but when it comes time to refer back to the blogs for some information later, it'll be hard to find anything.

So I started thinking about how cool it would be if we could all pull our observations into one place. Collaborative documentation. Kinda like a wiki. Or, perhaps, exactly like a wiki.

Nobody's started a BorCon wiki yet, and I'm thinking that it would be very, very cool if we had one. So I'm starting one. Here it is, the BorCon2004 wiki.

It's got an RSS feed, too. The feed leaves something to be desired at the moment (it'll only tell you about the latest change to each page, not about every change, so you can't really follow along with the diffs). But I'll try to fix that soon (or con Sam into fixing it).

I haven't had time to put a whole lot of my info on the wiki yet, but I'll be working on that today and, in fact, probably for the next week or two. And I need you guys' help.

BorCon bloggers (Allen, Craig, Danny, Dave, Jim, Marco, Nick, Paul, Robert, Serge, and anyone else I've missed), I — and the folks back home — would appreciate it if you could take some time to transcribe some of your notes on the wiki, or even just to edit pages and add links to some of your relevant blog posts. Just to help pull the info together, and make it easier to cross-reference all this mess of notes after the con. This will probably be an ongoing project for a while, so any time you can devote to it, whenever, would be very cool.

Everyone else, whether you're attending the con or following along at home: Please help! This is going to be a community wiki, so post questions, post answers if you know them, point out holes, help us copy info from the blogs, and in general give the community one place to go to find all the info about Diamondback and everything else.

(BTW, if anyone else is better at wiki stuff than I am and wants to take over running this thing, hit the Contact link over there on the left. I don't claim to be good at this, I just claim it needs to be done.)

Thanks, all, and may the wiki be with you.