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WHOO! *Happy dance* #Delphi #borcon2004

Had to blog this first thing.

I have, in my hot little backpack, a two-CD set of the Diamondback Preview. They handed them out to everyone after the What's New in Diamondback / Meet the Delphi Team session tonight. (Now aren't you sorry you missed the con?)

New toy. Hehehe...

Yes, it's beta, yes it's going to do some crashing. But... refactoring, man. Find References. Sync Edit. Debugging .NET and Win32. Delphi and C# in the same project group. I'm going to have some serious fun with this thing, especially after I get back home.

Oh, and a note for the guys back home: The Diamondback Win32 compiler still supports old-style objects. So we could use this thing's refactoring tools to migrate them to classes. How long have we been waiting for that?