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Code Coverage #.NET

NCover may be worth a look. In my copious spare time. Code-coverage analysis could be a Good Thing (tm) for test-driven development. (Apparently the people who wrote NCover thought so too.)

Actually, there are two[broken link] apps out there that are both called NCover. One is on SourceForge and the other is on GotDotNet Workspaces. The SourceForge one has a sample report on their Web site (showing its own test coverage) that looks pretty tempting, but the GotDotNet one has Visual Studio integration. Both projects seem fairly active.

Here's a post from the csUnit mailing list[broken link] on how to use the GotDotNet NCover with csUnit.

If I ever get around to trying either one, I'll post my experiences here. (Has anyone else tried either or both of them?)