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Merged cells in Xceed Grid #.NET #Delphi

My team recently did a survey of the available WinForms grid controls for .NET, and we pretty unanimously voted for the Xceed Grid. We miss some features from the Delphi world's TMS grid, like fixed columns and merged cells, but TMS hasn't shown any signs that they intend to bring their grid forward into the Delphi for .NET world and we needed something.

However, even though fixed columns aren't natively supported in the Xceed Grid, they can be emulated. Actually, we let their sales folks know that we couldn't buy their grid if it couldn't do fixed columns (true), and they supplied a workaround. Which didn't work in the 2.0 version, but they were kind enough to send us a pre-release version of 2.1 (then about two weeks away from release) and the fixed-column workaround worked again. (2.1 is now available.) It works great; you'd never know it was a workaround.

And they just posted a knowledgebase article on how to emulate merged cells. So at this point (though not having tried the merged-cell workaround), I think we're not missing any features from the TMS grid, and we sure have a lot more features to play with. Pretty cool.