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Charlotte's Web Search #Delphi

Allen Bauer just posted about the fate of "Charlotte". Apparently it hasn't been developed further as a product, but parts of it have wound up in the CodeDOM system in C#Builder and Delphi for .NET.

So as I read his post, I was scratching my head and wondering what "Charlotte" was.

A brief Google search for borland charlotte found a page on Dr. Bob's site that briefly mentioned Charlotte as a scripting language for writing Web services. Now I'm really curious... it's hard to hear about a new language (even one that won't be released) and not even see any sample code. The sign of a true geek, I guess.

As it happens, that very same Google search also turned up this very interesting page: "If ever a story called for further reporting, this one did." The fact that the word Charlotte appears in this story is apparently just a coincidence, though an amusingly appropriate one.