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Ancient Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times."

I got a bit of a sunburn on Thursday. That's because I was standing around outside for about two hours in the early afternoon, with no sunscreen. And that is because I was waiting for a tow truck, and for a ride back to work, and for a call back from the insurance company, and for a call back from the car-rental company, and for the cop to finish writing out the ticket.

Yeah. I wrecked our remaining drivable car. (Jennie already blogged all about it.)

When you're a dork like me, it's good to have friends who will help bail you out. Thanks, Sam and Erica, for coming out to administer taxi service, hugs, chocolate, and assorted other remedies. And a sort of preemptive gratitude to everyone in my department, 'cause I know that anyone on the team probably would've dropped what they were doing to come rescue us. (Heck, the first two months I lived in Omaha, I didn't have a car, but getting to work was never a problem. "Team" kind of took on a new meaning when I started working here.)

I don't think about my friends often enough. It shouldn't take a car wreck to remind me. (There I go being a dork again.)