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Batchin' it #Life

Jennie just left for a half-week stay with her friend in Kansas City, so I'm batchin' it here for a few days.

(I debated with myself over spelling. I mean, the phrase "batchin' it" comes from the word "bachelor", so maybe it should be "bachin'" instead. But that doesn't really suggest a meaningful pronounciation — I mean, does "bachin'" mean grooving to Johann Sebastian, or what? And you do have to consider, this rite traditionally does involve queuing up household chores — laundry, dishes, etc. — to all be performed as a single batch operation when the wife gets home. Usually by the husband, at gunpoint. So I think my spelling is probably fairly appropriate.)

That said, the first thing I did after she left was to turn off the TV, unload the dishwasher, reload it, and start it. No kidding. We'll see if it lasts.

Of course, the next thing I did was come down to the computer, so I may already be drifting into batch mode...