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The sofa state #Life

From the first time I saw this picture in the newspaper, back when it was still one of several proposed designs...

I thought, "Why is there a sofa at the bottom of the license plate?"

(As I later found out, it's actually supposed to be a covered wagon. But it still looks like a sofa to me.)

When Jennie and I were in the car yesterday, we happened to pull up to a stop behind a car with one of these new plates, and I made some comment about living in "the sofa state".

Jennie had heard (and shared) my opinions about the sofa before, but she still laughed. She said, "I still don't understand what a couch has to do with Nebraska."

I shrugged, and said, "It must be because of Nebraska Furniture Mart." It took her a while to stop laughing.

Nebraska: the Nebraska Furniture Mart state.

Now, won't that look nice in the history books?