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Spam spam? #Life

Lately my blog has been averaging around 2 or 3 pieces of comment spam a day. In a way I guess it's a compliment; the spammers apparently think I've got a pretty decent Google rank. Then again, the spam comments contain exactly the same links every single time, so maybe it's just that one putz thinks I have a pretty decent Google rank.

I get an e-mail notification every time someone posts a comment on my blog, so I can usually stay pretty well on top of things. If I'm at my PC when the notification comes in, a new spam comment dies a speedy death.

But some of them have been slipping through the cracks — sometimes when I go to delete one, I find others that have already been there a while. At first I wondered if the ISP's mail server had been down when my blog software tried to send the notification.

And then yesterday I looked in my GMail "spam" folder, and what to my wondering eyes should appear but a bunch of comment notifications. Apparently GMail had been selecting some of the spam-comment notifications, at random, to flag as spam!

Figures, that when I want to get spam...