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Conversations with cats #Cats

Jennie and I will occasionally hold mock conversations with our cats. As in, one of us will ask the cat a question, and the other will supply the answer, usually speaking in a distinctive voice so we can tell it's the "cat" talking.

Today at the store, Jennie got some of those magnetic letters that you can put on your refrigerator. Good cat toys. We got some a month or two ago, and they're all missing now, most of them having been knocked under the stove or the refrigerator. Hence the need for refills.

So Jennie put the new letters on the fridge, and Sox immediately started leaping at them, pulling one down, batting it under the fridge, looking briefly forlorn that he couldn't reach his toy anymore, and then pulling another one down to play with.

I was watching him do this, and I asked him, "What are you going to do when you've filled up all the space under the fridge, and there's no room for any more letters under there?"

Jennie supplied the answer, in her best Sox voice: "I don't know, Dad. I guess we'll just have to get a new fridge."