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Federal Marriage Amendment defeated - again! #Life #politics

It's been a good week. First, part of the Patriot Act was struck down. And then the Federal Marriage Amendment Reloaded lost its vote in the House.

Not quite as decisively as last time, when the Senate couldn't even get a simple majority to move the amendment forward. This time in the House, it actually did get a simple majority (I can't believe there are that many people willing to put politics ahead of human decency), but they were still well short of the 2/3 supermajority they needed. Even if it probably wouldn't have passed the Senate, it's good to see it dead again. For this year, at least.

Lee Terry, my representative, voted in favor of the amendment. He also voted in favor of the "Marriage Protection Act". He just found his name on my "please God, anyone but" list along with Bush.