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Blog roundup: Durex Olympics, blog firings, and musical wastebaskets #.NET #Delphi #Life

I usually don't bother posting about things I see on Danny Thorpe's, Eric Gunnerson's, or Raymond Chen's blogs, because I figure, hey, how many people are there in the world who do read my blog, but not theirs?

Not too stinkin' many. But here are a few recent posts that are just too good not to pass on.

Raymond Chen posted about the games after the Games. Wow.

Danny Thorpe posted about someone who got fired for blogging. ("How do you spot a pioneer? Look for the arrows in their back.") Many people are now boycotting Friendster for their boneheadedness.

And Eric Gunnerson pointed out a song about Chris Sells at Burning Man. Destined to be a classic. (I really must subscribe to Rory's blog. Ever since his post about Longhorn...)