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Closing today Friday #Life

After several phone calls asking where we were supposed to be for closing and what time we were supposed to be there and how much money we were supposed to bring with us (nobody knew), and several people having quit their jobs and having left paperwork in limbo (and nobody getting told about it), and several people not being told that other people were going to be heading out of town (how do you go out of town and not tell the people you work with?), and several people not being able to get hold of the people who were out of town so they could ask questions about what the heck this receipt was for (arrgh), and several obscure forms of paperwork having to be mail-ordered instead of being available online as PDFs like civilized paperwork (bureaucrats!), and several people not knowing about said waiting period on said obscure forms of paperwork (ack!), and several people swearing up and down that they would call us to let us know about said waiting periods and the consequences thereof (they didn't)...'s looking like we may close on the house on Friday.

<fingers state="crossed" />