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VS.NET 2005 Team System #.NET

Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET 2005 Team System (quite a mouthful!) looks like it'll be pretty interesting... they're combining source control (using something new, not based on the VSS code base), FxCop, and a bunch of other things that are supposed to support non-developers (analysts, testers, etc.) as well as the coders.

Pretty interesting. Though a lot of it sounds like they're imitating StarTeam (though they're partnering with Borland as well — that should be interesting), and throwing in FxCop so they can start getting some money out of it. (The free version of FxCop will continue to exist, but it sounds like development on it will stop [except upgrading it to support newer frameworks] once Team System is released. Bleah.)

More info, and an ongoing Q&A session, are available in this blog post. Unfortunately, nobody has a clue about pricing yet.