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New version of DUnit (7.2.1) #Delphi

It's a minor release, version 7.2.1; nothing too earth-shaking. The biggest new feature, in my mind, is long strings -- CheckEquals and the like will now check all of a string, rather than calling it good enough after the first 255 characters. I think the optional explanatory-message parameters were being truncated, too, and aren't anymore. They also added support for comparing WideStrings, and fixed a couple of bugs.

I had almost forgotten that DUnit only used ShortStrings! The stated reason was so you could compile DUnit into a DLL. If anyone is actually doing that, they need to use ShareMem now. I honestly can't say I've ever even considered putting DUnit into a DLL, but that's just me.

They're not using SourceForge's bug tracker; their SourceForge site does have a text file with a one-line description for each fix, but that really doesn't tell you anything unless you're already familiar with all the issues. However, they do have a Web site where you can view the full list of enhancements and bug fixes for this version, along with archived discussions about each item. Oddly, you need to create a username and password before you can even view that Web site. How irritating. A bit silly, too, since they then promptly let you in without even verifying your e-mail address.

Anyway, the long-string support should make this worth the download. (Downloading now...)