Too little, too late

So my Hotmail account just got upgraded to 250 MB.

But I’m hardly using it anymore, because lately, their spam filtering has been pitiful. I’ve been reporting something like five spams a day from the same spammers for the past three weeks or so. And they still keep getting through — offers from the exact same two or three spammers, over and over and over again. So I’ve been moving pretty much everything to my GMail account.

At the same time, sadly, I’ve gotten my first spam on my GMail account. My own damn fault, of course; I posted to the newsgroups via Google’s web interface, and it stuck my GMail address out there for all the world to see. But on the bright side, only two spam messages have gotten through so far, even though my first post was a week ago. Let’s hope that trend continues.

What’s really amusing about my Hotmail account is that, when I checked it yesterday, there was a notification from Hotmail Member Services saying “You’re running out of space!” from a few days prior, still sitting in my Inbox. Oddly enough, they didn’t think it was important to send me another notification when they actually upgraded my inbox to 250MB. Evidently, they must have assumed that the need to clean out the spam would keep me coming back often enough that I would just notice the new limit on my own.

It turns out they were right, of course. Of course, now that they’ve upgraded my mailbox, I no longer need to check my spam nearly as often…

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