Mortgaged birthday

Happy birthday to me…

We made the offer last night. Paperwork; eight or nine things to read and sign. (I’m told there will be many, many, many more at closing.) Our Realtor was actually surprised that we wanted to get the house inspected, which has me a bit puzzled; I would’ve thought it would practically be a given. But on the plus side, the inspection will cost less than we had thought it would.

Technically, the offer hasn’t been accepted yet, but our agent is also the sellers’ agent, and he had talked to them about it beforehand and everyone knew what the deal would be. So there’s still a vague chance that it might not go through, but… well, the inspection is already scheduled. 😛

The enormity of it all didn’t really sink in until I woke up in the middle of the night. Good Lord, we just made an offer on a house.

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