Mortgaged cat

All three of our cats are on medication at the moment. Giving pills to cats sometimes feels like an exercise in futility. It’s definitely a two-person job.

A while ago, Mom and Dad sent me this step-by-step walkthrough of how to give a pill to a cat. It’s not too far off, although the bloodshed actually happens much sooner in the process than what they describe. It’s rare for me to get through a session unscathed. Noel managed to scratch my arm underneath my watch band yesterday; I’m not sure how. She didn’t fully break the skin (this time), but it sure stung.

Tycho gets three pills a day, plus a morning and evening dose of liquid antibiotic. (He’s the one with a brightly-colored sticker on his file at the vet, warning them that he bites.) We’re getting the hang of it, but for a while I was making sure to give him the liquid before I took my morning shower, because he is none too enthusiastic about actually getting it into his mouth. Training for when we have human kids, I guess.

He’s also the one we had to take out a mortgage on when he went to the vet last week. I assume that’s also training for when we have human kids.

Speaking of mortgages, this evening we’re filling out paperwork to put an offer on a house. I think Jennie is a little nervous about it. I’m not sure it’s really sunk in with me, although writing a $1000 deposit check might help with that…

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