“Retail” comic gets its own site, full archive

For a while, my hometown’s local newspaper, the Cedar Rapids Gazette, carried a comic strip called “Retail”. I enjoyed the strip’s wry humor, even though I’ve never worked in retail. (I spent a few months as a checker in a grocery store, but that doesn’t compare to what happens in the strip.)

Earlier this year, the Gazette dropped “Retail”, which was very sad. (I only read the Gazette when I went back to visit family, but still, “Retail” was one of the high points of the comics page.) And here in Omaha, the World-Herald has never carried the strip. So I was psyched at the beginning of this year when Norm Feuti, the author, started posting daily “Retail” re-runs from 2006 on his personal site. It’s been in my Google Reader all year.

Now he’s announced that the “Retail” comic now has its own Web site, with unlimited archives. And yes, it has an RSS feed, so I can still get “Retail” in Google Reader — but now it’s today’s strip. Sweet!

From what I can tell, “Retail” is still syndicated in newspapers — it hasn’t made the jump to 100% webcomics. And I don’t see any way to buy dead-tree collections of the comics. (Not that I’ve ever bought a paper compilation of a webcomic… thought about it, never done it.) So for now, the strip is in an interesting state. But it’s an interesting state with full archives, so I’m happy.

If you haven’t read the comic, and enjoy dry humor, go check it out.

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

I’ve read several RPG-themed webcomics. My favorite is Adventurers! (yes, the artwork gets better in later strips).

Well, Google Reader‘s Recommendations feature just found me another one: Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. (Caution: includes nudity.)

The artwork is mostly penciled and very rough-draft, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Honestly, I like the penciled strips more than the occasional (every 100 strips) color ones. And I love the sense of humor. The goblin dating the beholder, the chimera’s dorky heads, the Spy vs. Spy parodies, the lich king weeding the orc’s garden… classic.

But one of my favorite characters has to be the kobold pirate, Captain Fang. Every line he ever speaks is an utter non sequitur.

This has been a daily strip for over two years, so there’s plenty of archives to dig through. Start at the beginning (not work-safe) and happy reading!