We’re hiring

We’re looking for a good programmer, to join our agile team in Omaha, work with great people in our awesome bullpen, and play with our acres of magnetic whiteboard.

(This job is already posted on the “Jobs” sidebar, but since I have a vested interest in this one — i.e., I’d be working with you — I figured I’d call it out a little more.)

Delphi and/or C# experience would help, but we’re really just interested in someone who’s a good programmer. If you can write solid, maintainable OO code, we’d like to hear from you. If you, furthermore, live and breathe refactoring, grok single-responsibility principle in fullness, have a keen nose for code smells (and test smells), and can’t imagine writing code without automated tests, we’d absolutely love to hear from you.

A few highlights:

  • You’d be working in our open bullpen (those pictures are a bit dated — we have flat-panel LCDs now). Just about the whole team works in the bullpen, so if you have a question — whether for another programmer, QA, or one of the customers — you can usually just lean back and yell.
  • Dual monitors on every development workstation.
  • Fast PCs (4 GB battery-backed RAMdisks, anyone?).
  • Subversion for revision control. Atomic commits kick ass.
  • Management has a clue (programmers help make the release plan, rather than being held to an unrealistic plan made by a non-programmer).
  • Development is done via pair programming (two programmers at one keyboard), so there’s always someone to brainstorm with, knowledge spreads quickly, and code reviews aren’t after-the-fact.
  • Between QA, and our four automated-build machines running over 10,000 tests every time code is committed, feedback is usually pretty quick — it’s rare for a bug to go unnoticed for more than a few days or, more typically, a few minutes, so you don’t have to re-familiarize yourself with the code again.

The job posting goes into a fair bit of detail about the position, and about our team. If you have further questions about the job, feel free to post ’em here, and I’ll answer what I can. If you want to apply, see the links at the bottom of the job post.