Privacy policy

If you post comments on a blog post, the site collects your name, e-mail address, and (optionally) the URL to your Web site. All of this information, except your e-mail address, will be posted publicly.

If you fill out the contact form, the site collects your name and e-mail address. This information is sent directly to me and is not posted publicly.

Your e-mail address is never displayed or shared with anyone else (unless required by law, or if necessary to cooperate with an active law-enforcement investigation). I may use your e-mail address to respond to your feedback, but for no other purpose. The site does not collect any other identifying information.

The server collects and logs usage information, such as the Internet address of your computer and which pages you’re requesting, but honestly, I never look at those logs anyway.

Posted 27 Feb 2011. Last updated 13 Sep 2020 to remove the bit about advertising, since the site no longer includes ads.