Being political again

The forces of truth, justice, decency, and general sanity are sadly outnumbered, mostly by Fundamentalists who haven’t figured out how to think for themselves.

In other news, there’s unrest in the Middle East, the government is in debt, and there are big orange road cones all over the city of Omaha. Yes, shocking tidings in the news today.

HRC just announced that the so-called “Federal Marriage Amendment” will come up for a vote in the Senate in early July. Per their suggestion, I made substantial tweaks to their template and fired off an e-mail to my senators (to add to the other e-mails, the laser-printed letters, and the six-page hand-written letter).

This is the only political issue I’ve ever gotten active over, which tells you something about how seriously I take it and how disgusted I am with those who want to redefine gays as non-people. I mean, come on. Nobody has ever once been able to explain why they think my marriage would be harmed if a couple I know from church got married… or why gays should be denied everything from tax breaks to child custody rights to health insurance and hospital visitation, or over 1,000 other rights (PDF) that married couples enjoy. There are several studies showing that children of gay couples are just as well-adjusted as children of straight couples. The Bible quotes commonly cited by anti-gay Fundamentalists don’t actually say what the Fundamentalists want you to think they do. Etc.

I’ll keep the rant short today (unless it’s already too late for that…), and not go into civil unions and all that brouhaha. I’ll just leave it as a plea for action. According to HRC, “Members of Congress tell us they’re hearing from the other side by a 10 to 1 margin right now. That’s why your action now is so important.” So if you don’t buy into the load of crap that Dubya and the Fundies are dishing out, go here to e-mail your Senators. HRC is trying to get 250,000 people to participate within the next three weeks. Let’s strike a victory for truth, justice, and the American way — and not let our Constitution be consumed in the fires of brimstone. (Hey, I like the sound of that.)

Hmm… “Dubya and the Fundies” would make a good name for a band…

Live and learn…

So as I was packing boxes, I ran across some stuff I wrote maybe eight or ten years ago (good grief, has it been that long?). One was a list of things I was thinking of sending in for the “Live and Learn and Pass it On” books but never did, and I figured they might be worth passing on before I pack them away again. As in the real books, I’ve put some of them in bold just because I feel like it.

I’ve learned that few things are quite as satisfying as impulsive, totally spontaneous acts.

I’ve learned that, no matter what you think your attitudes are, you still don’t quite know how to react when you find out one of your friends is gay.

I’ve learned that, while most people cling to the things they know, I’m usually happiest when I’m doing something new.

I’ve learned that the only stupid people are those who are ignorant and refuse to admit it.

I’ve learned that the surest way to offend me is to try too hard not to offend me.

I’ve learned that “crazy” means something you want to do but that society frowns on for some reason — and you shouldn’t necessarily let that stop you.

I’ve learned that trying to recapture a fleeting emotion is a sure way to get yourself really frustrated.

I’ve learned that everyone is always trying to get attention, even if they don’t realize it.

I’ve learned that sometimes you can’t tell if what you’re doing is a mistake, and if it turns out to be, you shouldn’t be hard on yourself.

I’ve learned that there’s no point in worrying about the things you can’t change.

I’ve learned that, no matter how much people may long for security and consistency, it’s always randomness that really makes life worth living.

I’ve learned that you can’t blame yourself for not knowing everything.

Mortgaged birthday

Happy birthday to me…

We made the offer last night. Paperwork; eight or nine things to read and sign. (I’m told there will be many, many, many more at closing.) Our Realtor was actually surprised that we wanted to get the house inspected, which has me a bit puzzled; I would’ve thought it would practically be a given. But on the plus side, the inspection will cost less than we had thought it would.

Technically, the offer hasn’t been accepted yet, but our agent is also the sellers’ agent, and he had talked to them about it beforehand and everyone knew what the deal would be. So there’s still a vague chance that it might not go through, but… well, the inspection is already scheduled. 😛

The enormity of it all didn’t really sink in until I woke up in the middle of the night. Good Lord, we just made an offer on a house.

Okay, I’m a little spooked…

I put this blog online on Saturday. In its own subdirectory. With no links to it yet. After fiddling with the configuration for about twenty minutes, I posted an entry into my brand-new blog.

Seven minutes later, the first spider hit my server log. Now I’m getting dozens of hits per day, most or all of them from spiders. Apparently you can’t hide. (Not that my blog is particularly secret, but wow…)

My best guess is that (the site I linked to in that first blog entry) has a publicly-accessible referer log somewhere, and which spiders regularly, um, spider. But I’ve looked and if there is one, I can’t find it. Either that, or DotText does some sort of secret notification to the blog Illuminati.

Either way, it’s spooky.