User group presentation on AvalonEdit

This month, the Omaha .NET user group did lightning rounds. I did a presentation on AvalonEdit.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the video: 2012 December Omaha .NET User’s Group. My part goes from 1:02 to 1:20. The slides are pretty readable in the video, the code less so. The audio isn’t great, but is mostly intelligible. If anyone’s interested, check it out.

I haven’t made my code available for download, but I keep intending to. If anyone’s interested in the code, drop me a note.

Also presenting were:

  • Volker Schulz, “Windows Azure – Build, Debug and Deploy” (0:00 to ~0:35)
  • Naveen Akode, “MSBuild – Basics and Usage” (~0:35 to ~1:02)
  • Brian Olson, “WebAPI and Moustache” (~1:20 to ~1:35)

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