NaNo: on track so far!

It’s November, so I’m writing another novel. National Novel Writing Month, you know.

I think this is the first year I’ve managed to (so far) consistently stay ahead of my word-count targets each day. It’s kind of weird — I’m so used to falling behind and then scrambling to catch back up. Today is the 4th, so I need to end the day with 6,667 words, and I’m already at 6,870. I even had youth group tonight — didn’t get home until about 8:45 — and I still beat my word-count for the day.

If anyone’s interested, here’s my one-sentence story summary. Before you accuse me of cheating, it is technically one sentence. But you do have to imagine Hal Douglas doing the voiceover.

In a time when Light overwhelms the Darkness, and sweeps lives in its path…

four chosen warriors set out to right the balance…

to rescue a love…

and destroy an empire.

Very Final Fantasy, don’t you think?

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