Upcoming Omaha developer-ish conferences: BarCamp and HDC

BarCamp Omaha is October 2-3 (Friday evening to Saturday). I’ve never been to a BarCamp, but it promises to be intriguing — the session schedule is planned on a whiteboard Saturday morning, and anyone who wants to run a session, can. It’s not just a tech conference; they say the major tracks will be Tech, Creative, and Entrepreneurship.

I understand that BarCamps are usually free, but this one costs $5. But (a) that’s cheap (heck, I thought the HDC was cheap at $200 — but then again, I’m not paying for the HDC out of my own pocket) and (b) you get the full conference experience for that $5: free T-shirt (great, another one to go into the drawer), free breakfast, free lunch, and free pop and snacks all day. Free food is the primary reason for going to a conference, so it should feel just like home.

I’m toying with the idea of speaking at BarCamp (haven’t really decided yet). Their FAQ says the time slots are only 30 minutes, and I’m wondering if I should take a stab at a 31 Minutes of ReSharper. It’d take some serious editing, mind you, given that my original material was 31 days.

The Heartland Developers Conference (HDC), a Microsoft-themed conference here in Omaha, is October 15-16. I guess I don’t really need to hype it, since it’s 100% sold out this year (I wonder how long until they need to start spilling over into the first floor of the Qwest Center?). But I’m looking forward to it just like every year, because the second-day breakfast always has all the free bacon you can eat.

Oh, and they always have some pretty awesome sessions, too. A couple years ago they had Scott Guthrie from Microsoft do one of the keynotes, if that gives you any idea (at the time, he was Microsoft’s General Manager in charge of the CLR, ASP.NET, Silverlight, WPF, and IIS, among other things). They get good people and a lot of interesting content. I can pretty much register without even looking at the session list, and know that every timeslot will have a session that’s well worth my while — and even with the economy the way it is, my boss was happy to pay all our conference registrations. There’s benefits to making something cheap. (Delphi sales department, are you listening?)

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