An hour until NaNo…

I had a long week this afternoon.

And then had to go shopping for Halloween candy, since we had expected to be out of town this weekend, and it turns out we weren’t.

But the upshot is that I’ll be at home for the start of NaNoWriMo, so I can write on my computer instead of on paper. Which is cool. Plus, there’s a handful of Halloween candy left to fuel that first writing session.

An hour to go…

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic

I’ve read several RPG-themed webcomics. My favorite is Adventurers! (yes, the artwork gets better in later strips).

Well, Google Reader‘s Recommendations feature just found me another one: Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic. (Caution: includes nudity.)

The artwork is mostly penciled and very rough-draft, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Honestly, I like the penciled strips more than the occasional (every 100 strips) color ones. And I love the sense of humor. The goblin dating the beholder, the chimera’s dorky heads, the Spy vs. Spy parodies, the lich king weeding the orc’s garden… classic.

But one of my favorite characters has to be the kobold pirate, Captain Fang. Every line he ever speaks is an utter non sequitur.

This has been a daily strip for over two years, so there’s plenty of archives to dig through. Start at the beginning (not work-safe) and happy reading!