Released: Tyler v0.01 alpha

Tyler version 0.01 is now available for download. Currently there’s just a source distribution, but it includes compiled EXEs. The ZIP download is no longer available, but you can check the code out of the Subversion repository: version 0.01 or latest code.

The feature set is pretty sparse at the moment, but what’s there, works. It’s the bare minimum that I decided would be worth releasing. Here’s a brief rundown:

  • Pluggable display libraries. You can select from “compatibility mode” (basic GDI via TCanvas), Asphyre eXtreme, and (un)DelphiX (but see note 1 below). Windowed mode only — no fullscreen support in this version.
  • Graphics. These are primitive — everything is a solid-color square. Walls are light gray, floors are dark gray, the hero is yellow, the wandering NPC is white, and that’s all you get. (Well, except for black.)
  • Movement. You can use the cursor keys to move the hero around the map. There’s nothing yet to make you stop when you run into a wall or the NPC, though.
  • Map editing. TylerEdit.exe lets you edit the map and save your changes. It’s primitive, but it works. (But see note 2 below.)

Currently you can only have one map. Later you’ll be able to have lots of them — a world map, a map for each town, a map for each dungeon level.

Some stuff is hard-coded in this version, like the initial position of the hero, and the position and movement of the NPC. This will be improved in the next few versions.

Note 1: The license agreement for (un)DelphiX does not allow me to redistribute its source code. So, the source distribution is (un)DelphiX-less. But it still compiles: if you download and compile the source distribution, (un)DelphiX support will be automatically disabled. To enable (un)DelphiX, see the notes in the vendor\undelphix directory.

Note 2: The map file format will change in future versions. Any maps you create in this version probably will not work in v0.02 and later.

What’s next

The next few releases will be working toward a major milestone: a finished game. Not a long game — it’ll probably take less than a minute to play from start to finish. And not a very exciting one. In fact, it’ll be pretty stupid. But it’ll be playable, and everything will be editable in the game editor. Stay tuned for more news of… Stupid Quest.

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