Delphi macros: on recipes and power tips

As I blog sporadically about Delphi macros, I’ll have two kinds of posts.

One will be recipes: detailed steps to get something done. Little or no theory — I won’t say much about why these particular steps. But I’ll talk about what the macro does, and when and why to use it. You’ve already seen this with my Fields to Properties macro recipe.

The other sort of post will be power tips. This is where I’ll dig into the theory and the building blocks — where I will get into “why these steps instead of something else”. When you would use Ctrl+Arrow and when something else would be better — that sort of thing. These are the things you can use to build your own power macros, and to tune the recipes to your needs.

Don’t be surprised if you also see some posts about when not to use macros — when some other IDE feature will serve you better. It’s all about the easiest way to get something done.

A complete list of all my macro-related posts — both recipes and power tips — is available through my blog’s “macros” tag.

The first power tips will be coming soon. As always, if you have questions or suggestions, fire away in the comments.

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