DUnitLite 0.4: bugfixes and Should.ReferTo

Version 0.4 of DUnitLite is available. It fixes a couple of fairly major bugs (noted below) and adds a minor new feature.

Download it here: DUnitLite 0.4

What is DUnitLite?

For those who don’t remember, DUnitLite is my set of add-ons to DUnit to make assertions more readable, in the spirit of NUnit’s Assert.That(...) assertions (originally from NUnitLite). For example:

Specify.That(Foo, Should.Equal(45));
Specify.That(Bar, Should.Not.Equal(45));
Specify.That(Baz, Should.Be.AtLeast(40));
Specify.That(Quux, Should.Be.OfType(TSpecialQuux));

What’s new in 0.4

  • BUG: When you used TInsulatedTest (or TSpecification), DUnit was unable to count the number of passing tests — it just reported 0 tests run. Fixed.
  • BUG: When you used TInsulatedTest (or TSpecification), the test-suite nodes were labeled “TInsulatedTest” instead of the actual class name. Fixed.
  • NEW: Added Should.ReferTo(...) (reference equality check). Currently only works for objects, not interfaces.

Score one for dogfood

I’m using DUnitLite to write the tests / specifications for Tyler, so I’m quickly running into its bugs and limitations. This is the first time I’ve seriously tried to use DUnitLite in a project (its use of records-with-methods would reliably crash the pre-SR1 Delphi 2006 compiler we had at work at the time, and I never got back to it), so this is the first time I’ve actually noticed these gaping holes.

Fortunately, I wrote DUnitLite, so it’s really easy for me to fix the bugs. Don’t be surprised if you see a few more releases in the near future.

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