Installing Subversion 1.4 as a Windows service

I just upgraded the command-line Subversion on my home laptop. The way you install Subversion as a service has changed since I wrote the Mere-Moments Guide to installing a Subversion server on Windows, so it’s time for me to blog the details (so I can find them if I need them again).

If you had an older SVN service

First, if you used to have Subversion pre-1.4 running as a service (either via the SVN 1-Click Setup installer, or by following the steps in the Mere-Moments Guide), you’ll need to uninstall it:

  • Open a command prompt.
  • Change into your Subversion bin directory (probably C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin).
  • Type svnservice -remove
  • It should report that it’s stopping (may take a while) and uninstalling the service.
  • Delete svnservice.exe.
  • Uninstall your old version of Subversion (may not be necessary, but I did).

Installing the new Subversion service

Starting with Subversion 1.4, there’s built-in support for running as a Windows service — but not for actually creating a Windows service.

I recommend downloading the Subversion installer directly from the Subversion downloads page on tigris.

Then, go read Configuring svnserve to Run as a Windows Service.

If you have Windows 2000

The above instructions should work on Windows XP and later. But if you have Windows 2000, you need to download sc.exe from Microsoft’s Resource Kit.

I did the research so you don’t have to. Here’s Microsoft’s download for sc.exe for Windows 2000.

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