DGrok 0.6 released: enter Visitor

DGrok 0.6 is now available for download.

New in this version:

  • All documented compiler directives are supported (plus one undocumented one, {$VARSTRINGCHECKS})
  • Added support for hard casts to the file keyword, e.g., file(AUntypedVarParameter)
  • Changed PointerType to allow any type, not just QualifiedIdent. This allows things like ^string.
  • Fixed runtime cast error when a program or unit has a beginend block or asm block for its initialization section. For simplicity’s sake, all init sections are now represented by InitSectionNode.
  • Ignore .dproj files when you search for *.dpr.
  • Ignore {$DEFINE} and {$UNDEF} when they occur inside a false {$IF...} block. Oops.
  • Ignore unrecognized compiler directives if they’re inside a false {$IF...} block. This lets me ignore, say, FreePascal compiler directives (since they usually occur inside {$IFDEF FPC} blocks).
  • Allow dotted names for packages (in the “Package Name” line).
  • Contains clauses now support “in filename” specifiers. (Actually, contains clauses are now handled by the same rule as uses clauses.)
  • Added support for [assembly: Attribute(...)] syntax. Yes, mostly I’ve been focusing on parsing Win32, but I have some need to deal with .NET code as well.
  • Changed it so that not-yet-defined symbols are treated as false by {$IFDEF} rather than explicitly raising an error. The error served its purpose earlier, but I reached the pain point and shut it off.
  • Added a Visitor class.

Whew. Not bad for one evening’s work.

I think Visitor will really be the way you put the parser to work. I was hoping to get some examples into today’s build, but I ran out of time. Play around if you like.

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