DGrok 0.4 released: grammar 100% done

I’m now able to parse 100% of the Delphi grammar, as far as I can tell — and 100% of the Delphi RTL source. (Not all the source — just the RTL directory and its subdirectories — but still.) Sounds like an excellent time to do another release. DGrok 0.4 is now available.

Important caveat: I’m not yet handling {$INCLUDE}. And I know the Delphi RTL uses it, so it’s possible I’m not parsing everything — there may well be some gotchas inside those include files. {$INCLUDE} will most likely be the next thing I tackle.

For any who are curious, I didn’t make Str‘s colon a general binary operator, because that broke case statements. (This is why I would never dream of writing a parser any way but test-first!) Instead, I added another expression type, ParameterExpression, that’s only used in parameter lists.

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