The end was in sight. 18 files were failing with “Expected EndKeyword but found WithKeyword”, 2 with “Expected FinallyKeyword but found WithKeyword”. Parsing the “with” statement looked like the only thing between me and 100% parsing of the Delphi RTL source.

So I wrote the tests for RuleType.WithStatement, made them pass, and…

Expected CloseParenthesis but found Colon (1)

D’oh! Now that it was getting past the with statement, it found something else in System.pas. I forgot about Str(), one of those pesky compiler-magic functions. Here’s the offending line of code:

Str(val:0, S);

I think Str is the only function in Delphi that takes that colon syntax. How much code do you suppose is hanging around in the compiler just to handle that one special case?

Sigh. Well, I’ll probably just implement the colon as another binary operator, and figure out what its precedence should be. When I release 0.4 (probably no later than this weekend), it should be able to fully parse all the Delphi RTL source files.

Well, except for {$INCLUDE}. But that’s a different feature…

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