DGrok 0.3 released

Halfway there! DGrok can now parse 46 of the 91 Delphi RTL source files — a hair over half.

Except that, of course, it’s way more than halfway; it took a lot of work to get this far. Most of what’s left is the various statements like repeat, with, try..finally, etc.

And then, of course, there’s the fact that it’s probably way less than halfway. Include files ({$I} / {$INCLUDE}) aren’t working, and I haven’t figured out how they’ll fit into the demo app yet. And there’s the whole issue around symbol tables, which I’ll need to do anything useful like refactoring.

Still, it’s a major milestone, so I figured I’d do a release. DGrok 0.3 is now available for download. Major new stuff in this release:

  • If you double-click a file that’s failing because of a compiler directive, it will now take you to the error location rather than showing a .NET “unhandled exception” dialog.
  • Began adding statement handling. Currently it can’t handle much — mostly method calls, assignments, and if statements. This is my main area of focus right now.
  • Parsing of method implementations, including the smarts to not expect a method body if the method is declared “forward” or “external”.
  • Parsing of unit implementation sections.
  • Parsing of “program” and “library” files.
  • Fixed parsing of “const” sections that come inside a class or record. (When the const section was followed by another visibility section, it was getting confused and thinking the “public” was the name of another constant; it doesn’t anymore.)
  • Many minor tweaks to the grammar (it turns out that semicolons are optional after field declarations; I didn’t have threadvar in the grammar yet; initialized record-type variables; operator overloads; that sort of thing).
  • Lots of exciting behind-the-scenes stuff that you wouldn’t recognize as cool unless you’d already been working with the code: strongly-typed node properties, generic ListNode and DelimitedItemNode, and partial classes.

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