Delphi editor tip: Find from Here without changing options

If you’re used to searching from the top of the file, here’s a way to do the occasional “search from here” in the Delphi IDE, without messing up the options for next time.

In Delphi’s “Find” dialog, we almost always leave the Origin option set at “Entire scope”, so that whenever we do a search, it starts at the top of the file. Occasionally, someone will change that to “From cursor”, and it always throws me off the next time I try to do a search. I usually have to re-try my search a couple of times before I figure out that’s what the problem is.

But this doesn’t have to be a problem, because it’s easy to search from the current cursor position without ever changing the “Origin” option. Here’s all it takes:

  1. Highlight some text. Select something in the editor. This works especially well if you highlight the text you’re going to be searching for.
  2. Open the Find dialog (Ctrl+F). If you highlighted the text you’ll be searching for, you can just click OK. Otherwise, either type the search text, or press the Down arrow to re-select your most recent search text.
  3. Click OK (or press Enter). Leave the “Origin” option set to “Entire scope”; you won’t need to change it.

When you click “OK”, the IDE will see that you have text selected, and will search within that selection, instead of searching from the top of the file. So effectively, you’re searching from the current cursor position; but you’re doing it without changing the “Origin” option, so “Origin” will still be set to “Entire scope” the next time you search.

(Side note: incremental search [Ctrl+E] also searches from the current cursor position. But if your cursor is already at the thing you want to find the next occurrence of, selecting the word and hitting Ctrl+F Enter is better.)

(Another tip: Ctrl+K T selects the current word.)

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