dSpec for readable DUnit assertions

dSpec, from Jody Dawkins of delphixtreme.com, has the same goal as DUnitAssertions: readable tests. Here are some examples from her post titled “dSpec Update“:


Thanks, Jody, for letting me know about dSpec. It looks pretty cool.

dSpec and DUnitAssertions take somewhat different approaches. dSpec uses what I would think of as more of a RhinoMocks-style syntax, whereas DUnitAssertions is more NUnitLite-like. But dSpec has one huge advantage over DUnitAssertions: it’s released. (I’m still waiting for paperwork from Legal. Plus I’m not done yet.)

I’ll probably keep working on DUnitAssertions, since I think there might be benefits to both approaches; perhaps someday we’ll see something that combines the best of both. But I may well start using dSpec. If you’re looking to write readable DUnit assertions today, dSpec is your ticket.

Thanks, Jody!

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