CodeGear and roadmaps

We’ve been looking forward to Delphi Highlander — a Delphi for .NET 2.0 — since before it had a name. You can compile to .NET 2.0 with Delphi 2006 (and we do), but the IDE actively gets in your way, and you can’t use generics, which are the whole point of .NET 2.0 in the first place.

CodeGear’s “Borland [sic] Delphi Roadmapstill says that Highlander will [sic] be released in 2006. Way to keep your roadmap current, guys.

But the latest news is that the next release of Delphi will be strictly Win32. Apparently the next couple of releases won’t even have a .NET compiler.

And here I was hoping that they would actually ship what they’ve been promising us for over a year.

Silly me.

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