I just passed 10,000 words for my NaNo novel. (Of course, I’m supposed to be at 20,000 by now, but who’s counting?)

And you know, sometimes procrastination pays off. I had decided that a bunch of pirate ninjas were going to drop in and attack the pirate monks’ ship, ’cause, you know, that’s what ninjas do. But they can’t actually kill or capture the heroes, right? ‘Cause that’d mess up the plot.

But when I was surfing Wikipedia looking for info on ninjas, I discovered the Inverse Ninja Law. Hah! Not only did that save the plot, it even got me extra wordcount, because I got to explain it in a footnote!

Just yesterday, I was thinking about giving up on NaNo for this year. Even now, I have no idea whether I’ll have any chance at finishing on time, since I know there will be days I won’t be able to make the 2,215 words per day that my progress report tells me I need. But you know, when things start going right, this thing is fun!

Okay, back to finish the fight scene.

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