Less than 24 hours to NaNo…

I can feel my sanity fraying already.

I did decide to start through the Snowflake Method for plotting my novel, and after a couple hours of work, I was hooked. It could use another month or two of work before I start writing, but, oh well. It’s already fleshed out much more than I would have dreamed; I’m up to three pages of outline (single-spaced). I even figured out what the third crisis was going to be (though, truth be told, I just ripped something off from a Final Fantasy game I’d been playing).

I especially liked thinking about the story from each character’s point of view, and thinking about how each character changes, not just the lead. I think that’ll add a tremendous amount of richness to the story and characters.

Still not quite sure if I want to use the busty lesbian pirate ninjas, though they’re presenting a compelling case.

Anyway, I should quit rambling and get some sleep. I’ll need it. Especially if I’m going to install Linux and get the second computer up and running tomorrow night, so Jennie can write her novel too.

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