(Someone else’s) open-source Delphi parser

Alert reader David Champion told me that there’s another open-source Delphi parser out there. It’s called castaliadelphiparser, and is, as I understand it, the actual parser that’s used in the Castalia add-in for the Delphi IDE. (We’ve got the Borland Edition of their add-in installed on a few of our computers at work. It’s pretty nice, and I need to get around to sending them some feature requests that would make the full version worth buying.)

Anyway, if anyone plays around with their parser, I’d love to hear how well it works, so please post comments here and let me know. If it can parse the entire Delphi language, including conditional compilation, typed constants, records with methods, nested types, class variables, strict private/protected, etc., then it’s way ahead of my parser. (If it can’t do all that yet, then you can take the italics off the “way”.)

If anyone’s wondering about the status of my parser… I’ve been making progress, but I probably won’t make any more progress between now and the end of November, since I’ll be spending the whole month of November writing a novel. And I can’t open-source what I’ve got because I’m still waiting on corporate red tape. (My employer owns my brain unless otherwise specified, but I’m tantalizingly close to getting them to otherwise specify.)

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