Webcomic to watch: El Goonish Shive

I discovered El Goonish Shive over the weekend. It’s a webcomic featuring an alien-hybrid were-squirrel, women with giant hammers, anime-style martial arts, and a gender-bending transformation gun. And also a demonic duck of some sort, which I just may have to feature in my NaNo novel this year. (The “Duck senses… tingling!” strip just about made me fall off my chair.)

There’s a New Reader Guide, which is probably a fine place to start reading. The site is a bit confusing, as there are three separate archives: EGS (the main comic), EGS:NP (off-topic stuff), and FILLER (other off-topic stuff). They mostly have the same characters, but the main strip has the most continuity. The best place to start (after the New Reader Guide) is with the first EGS strip. Be warned that it will take a while to dig through the archives, as the strip started in 2002 and was daily for a while.

Go. Enjoy. And if you don’t happen to like it, then… hey, is that a demonic duck of some sort?

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