On being a lucky bastard

This afternoon, I went to a session called “The Lego XP Game”.

Yes, that’s what it sounds like: I got to play with LEGOs all afternoon.

Now, it’s a weekday. Normally I would be at work today. So that means I got paid to play with LEGOs all afternoon.

It doesn’t stop there. My company paid for my airfare, lodging, and food, so I could get paid to play with LEGOs.

And it turns out that, even though the convention provides lunch, my meal allowance is still $46 a day. So let’s break that down: I got

  • paid-for airfare and lodging,
  • so I could eat out at a teppanyaki grill,
  • so I could get paid,
  • to play with LEGOs.

I am, in fact, a lucky bastard.

(Hey, I’m getting out of debt. These days I eat out maybe once a month. I’m enjoying this while it lasts.)

It’s a three-way tie, though. I got to play with LEGOs, Sam got to make paper airplanes all afternoon, and Brian, despite registering for basically the same hotel room as both of us, wound up getting put in a room with a whirlpool.

Lucky bastard.

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