Delphi parser: Half done

My Delphi parser is now half done! (Well, okay, halfway towards being able to parse Delphi 6 grammar. Still, it’s a big milestone.)

A few current statistics:

  • Rules completed: 63 out of 125
  • Number of unit tests: 330
  • Last time I fixed a serious error in the Borland-provided grammar definition: 1 hour ago
  • Last rule added: ProcedureType
  • Next likely targets: MethodHeading, PropertyParameterList, PropertySpecifiers
  • Next Really Big Thing that needs to be cleaned up in the grammar: ClassType, which has the visibility stuff completely wrong
  • Latest interesting fix to the official grammar: procedural types (type TFoo = procedure of object;) were in the grammar, but wouldn’t work because they expected a procedure name (e.g., the official grammar would only parse it if it was type TFoo = procedure Foo of object;, which is not in fact something that the compiler will accept)

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