Medical acronyms and slang

I just ran across this page of medical slang. It’s a hoot. (As long as you don’t mind a slightly morbid bent.)

Warning: it is not politically correct. Not by a long shot.

A few highlights:

  • Brothel Sprouts – Genital warts
  • Chrome Induced Ischaemia – patient that develops inexplicable chest pains when arrested and handcuffed
  • DRT – Dead Right There (patient dead at scene of accident)
  • DRTTTT – Dead Right There, There, There and There (patient dead and in multiple parts at scene of accident)
  • Faecal Encephalopathy – Sh*t for brains
  • LFTWM – Looking for 3 Wise Men (applied to young pregnant females who deny having had intercourse)
  • Mushroom syndrome – suffered by lowly medics who are kept in the dark and have crap piled on them
  • Parentectomy – removing parents as an effective cure for a child’s problems
  • TSS – Toxic Sock Syndrome (often related to homeless)

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