BorCon 2005: Beginning day one

Got into San Francisco last night. All went well, although it was a bit frustrating to be on a 3.5 hour flight with a laptop with a 1.5 hour battery. Had a bit of trouble finding outlets in the hotel room, too; wound up plugging it in in the bathroom to charge overnight. I’m in luck this morning, though; I found a seat right next to an outlet.

Added bonus: in all the preconference tutorial rooms, they’ve got an empty glass at each seat and a pitcher of ice water on each table. Cool. I hope that’ll extend to the rest of the con.

This morning I’m sitting in on the Agile and XP session, and this afternoon, of course, is Danny’s session on deep-voodoo debugging. Further updates as circumstances warrant.

Tact filters

Sam passed along a link to an article called “Tact Filters” a few days ago. (He, in turn, got it from Ron.) It’s about some of the differences between nerds/geeks and everyone else, and in particular, why everyone gets frustrated when geeks try to talk to non-geeks.

It’s short and sweet, and well worth the read whether you’re a geek or not. As Sam said in his e-mail, “Now I understand me.”

Countdown to BorCon

Wow, I’m getting behind in my blogging.

For anyone who might care, I’m going to BorCon next week (though I guess they’re calling it DevCon this year). I’m not sure who was in charge of scheduling it this time around; the Tuesday-through-Thursday schedule is pretty bizarre. But I’m flying out on Sunday, and on Monday I’m taking a couple of preconference tutorials, including Danny’s “Reading Tea Leaves” session. Deep voodoo debugging, from a compiler hacker. You can bet I’ll be blogging then.